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How to Prepare for Arizona's Summer Heat

Let’s face it. Summers in Arizona are hot and the only way through them is with a good air conditioning system that you can count on. The best way to keep those cooling bills low and your system running dependably is with a complete air conditioning tune-up.

Losing your cooling for even a few hours stresses your body. Besides being uncomfortable, can be dangerous for people sensitive to excessive heat. Professional maintenance cuts those energy bills and minimizes the risk of system failure when you most need it. When a licensed HVAC technician performs annual maintenance, he inspects the entire system, cleans all the parts and makes adjustments that improve efficiency, like:

    • Dust removal. Unless the air filter for your cooling system is changed routinely, dust will eventually coat the parts inside the air handler, where it slows the cooling process. Starting the summer with a clean evaporator coil improves energy efficiency. This coil contains the refrigerant that collects the heat from your home. Dust on this coil acts as insulation and the air conditioner will have to run longer to reach the thermostat’s setting.

      Dust on the coil inside the outdoor condenser also raises energy bills because the hot refrigerant circulating through it won’t cool as quickly.

    • Parts cleaning. The technician will test, clean and adjust the electrical components inside the outdoor condenser and the air handler. Over time, these parts get dirty and may corrode, both of which slow the electrical flow through them. If it slows down too much, the parts and the wires overheat, which can start a fire.
    • Calibration. Measuring the refrigerant level is something only a licensed HVAC technician can do, and adjusting it will increase system dependability and efficiency. Testing the thermostat’s accuracy and re-calibrating it, if necessary, assures your comfort throughout the summer.
    • Air filters. The HVAC pro will show you how and when to change the air filter. Besides professional maintenance, changing the air filter routinely will help your system run more efficiently and durably all summer.

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