Kino Springs Golf Course is located on the historic Estancia Yerba Buena Ranch, right in the middle of ranching country. You’ll find waving grasslands studded with mesquite and oaks under a vast blue sky and cottonwoods along the Santa Cruz River. Lying on a major North American flyway, Kino Springs is well known to savvy birdwatchers. You’re likely to see flycatchers, orioles, kingfishers, gray hawks, and many more.

In 1691 explorer Father Eusebio Kino found sanctuary at Kino Springs on one of his many expeditions throughout Sonora and Arizona. A half a century ago, Stewart Granger and Jean Simmons owned the 5,280-acre Yerba Buena Ranch and had frequent guests such as John Wayne and Elizabeth Taylor. And just as the Granger’s did, we offer guests an earnest out-west hospitality.