Your Thanksgiving Shopping Checklist

Fall is here and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. If you’re going to be hosting the holiday this year, then you’ll want to start getting ready as soon as possible so you have plenty of time to get everything you need. This Thanksgiving shopping checklist can help you stay organized.

Figure out what you need for the turkey.

The turkey is the start of the show on Thanksgiving, so it’s a good idea to start by choosing your recipe. Do you have a family recipe you use every year, or are you looking for something new this time around? Select your recipe and then write down everything you’ll need to cook your bird, including ingredients and cooking utensils. 

Decide on your sides.

Turkey isn’t the only thing you and your guests will want to eat on Thanksgiving—you’ll also want plenty of sides! Mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and salad are all popular side options for Thanksgiving, but these are certainly not the only options to consider. Create a list of sides you want to serve, then add everything you’ll need to your shopping list. 

Don’t forget the drinks and desserts! 

No meal is complete without drinks. You’ll want to have plenty of water as well as other options such as soda, juice, wine, or cocktails. You’ll also need to have the proper drinkware, of course. After the meal, you’ll want something sweet to offer your guests. Pie, cake, cookies, and ice cream are all popular options, so think about what you and your guests will enjoy most.

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