Tips for Surviving Holiday Grocery Shopping

During the holiday season, the lines at supermarkets can sometimes rival those of popular retail stores. When your to-do list is several pages long and you’re trying to get a fancy holiday dinner together for out-of-town relatives, every little trick can make all the difference. If you have young children, consider leaving them with a family member or babysitter—supermarket runs usually take much longer with kids in tow.

Don’t rush when making your list.

When you’re pressed for time and the stores are chaotic, your shopping list will be your best friend. Take your time planning a menu and writing your list, since forgotten items will prompt a second trip to the store. Put a writing pad attached to a magnet on the fridge, and have family members write down the items that the household is running low on. Before going shopping, create a master list with everything you’ll need for your holiday meal and weekly menu, and then add the regular items that need to be replenished.

Organize your list by department. In most supermarkets, you’ll walk into the fresh produce area, so put those items at the top of your list. Visualize yourself walking through your favorite supermarket. You might pass through the bakery and deli next, before encountering the main aisles. Add items to your list in the same general order that you’ll find them in the store.

Go during off-hours.

Weekend shopping can be a hassle during the holiday season. Consider getting up early and going before work. Or, wait until early evening to head out. Able to get away from your desk for a couple of hours during a weekday? Even better.

Go to a one-stop shop.

Some families go to multiple grocery stores within the same month or week to get the best deals. This can extend your marathon of errands by hours. Instead, choose one supermarket that offers great products at competitive prices . Get everything you need under one roof—from shrimp rings to chocolate hostess gifts to diapers and other essentials.

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