Tips for Keeping Your Produce Fresh

Tired of tossing out wilted lettuce and rotten apples? It’s time to rethink how—and where—you store your produce. If you’ve been throwing part of your grocery budget in the trash, you’re probably not following these easy tips.


Long-lasting produce starts with a clean storage area. Take the time to wipe down your refrigerator shelves every week. Residual food particles can encourage mold growth, which will spoil new produce more quickly.


It’s ideal to clean and chop your vegetables and fruits immediately before use, rather than ahead of time. If you must wash and cut produce prior to putting it in the fridge, line a glass storage container with paper towels and store your produce inside. If you wash salad greens prior to storage, make sure they are completely dry before putting them in the fridge. Whether or not you wash your produce before storing it, you should always remove all fasteners. Take those long twist ties off lettuce, and remove rubber bands from kale and parsley bunches. Produce will keep longer if it isn’t packed tightly together.


It can be tricky to remember which types of produce do best in the fridge and which do not. As a general rule of thumb, you don’t need to refrigerate anything tropical. Avocados, papaya, mangoes, and dragon fruit should be kept on the counter. Any non-tropical fruits, like berries, should be refrigerated. Never refrigerate onions, garlic, tomatoes, or potatoes.

Delayed Refrigerating

Some fruits need time out on the counter to ripen. After they’re ripe, they can be moved to the fridge to prolong their lifespan. Some examples include peaches, plums, melons, and bananas. Bananas will turn brown as soon as they're refrigerated, but the flesh inside won’t be adversely affected.

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