Strategies for Writing a Foolproof Grocery List

It’s easy to get into the habit of running in and out of the grocery store day after day, grabbing just what you need, but shopping less often with the help of a carefully planned grocery list will save you time and money. It might even help you eat a little healthier! Use these tips to create a shopping list that works for you to make your trips to the grocery store%20281-9717) a breeze.

Plan Your Meals Before You Go

Before you do your grocery shopping%20281-9717) , plan as many meals in advance as you can. With your meal plans ready to go, you can identify non-staple items that you need to pick up for any recipes you plan to try. This will help to save you from starting a recipe and realizing in the middle of cooking—after a long day at work—that you don’t have an item you need.

Organize Your List by Aisle

Write your shopping list so that it flows with the setup of your local grocery store. For example, if your store has produce right as you walk in the door and frozen foods on the other side, make sure your list starts off with the fruits and vegetables you want and finishes with the items you need from the freezer section. This will help you grab what you need on the first pass, instead of discovering you have to backtrack at the end to pick up various items.

Stick to Your List

Perhaps most importantly, don’t buy anything that is not on your grocery shopping list. Writing a grocery list will help you keep your food budget in check and keep the unhealthy foods you might be tempted to grab during your shopping trip out of your house.

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