Stocking Your Cupboards for Summer Visitors

These days, people usually call ahead instead of dropping in on friends and family unexpectedly. But good hosts are always be prepared for last-minute visitors, and a well-fed guest is a happy guest. Swing by the supermarket for pantry staples, and you’ll be able to enjoy your guests’ company instead of fretting about what to feed them.


Keep an assortment of beer, wine, and liquor on hand for entertaining summer visitors. Look for an unexpected vintage, like a fruity or smoky Mexican wine . Stock up on non-alcoholic beverages too, to accommodate minors and those who abstain.


If your visitors are only staying for a few hours in the afternoon, you might not need to serve a full meal. But you’ll definitely need to offer some light refreshments. Additionally, you might keep appetizers in stock for offering to guests before dinner is ready. Olives, anchovy paste, capers, and lemon juice are the basic ingredients of olive tapenade, and these ingredients all store well for long periods. You could also stock up on salsas, artichoke hearts, dried salami, water crackers, and tortilla chips. Keep aged cheese in the fridge.


Nothing says summertime like a barbecue. Keep your favorite marinades in the cupboard and a few choice cuts of meat in the freezer. You should also have something on hand for vegetarian guests. Another option is to puree a couple of cans of cannellini beans with chicken or vegetable stock, and cook over medium heat. Add some fresh herbs to the soup, and pair it with a simple salad for a light lunch that’s sure to wow any unexpected visitors. Are your guests staying overnight? Cook a simple, yet hearty breakfast. Keep steel-cut oats on hand for making baked oatmeal. Top with cinnamon and fresh banana slices.

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