How to Store Food in Your Fridge for Maximum Freshnes

How to Store Food in Your Fridge for Maximum Freshness

Every year, Americans throw out over a hundred billion pounds of food. This wastefulness isn’t good for family finances or the environment. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce the amount of food you discard. By following these easy tips, you may increase the length of time that food will stay fresh in your fridge.

Where to Store Items

If your fridge has both low-humidity and high-humidity crisper drawers, you can use this smart design to your advantage. You should store leafy greens, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower in the high-humidity crisper drawer. In the low-humidity drawer, you should store peppers, mushrooms, grapes, and summer squash. The shelves on the door typically stay a couple of degrees higher than the main shelves. Avoid storing highly perishable items here, like milk and eggs. Instead, use the door compartments for condiments, juice, butter, and soda. Use the main shelves for everything else.

How to Wrap Produce

Those produce bags you’ll find in the supermarket work very well for storing most vegetables and fruits. However, celery can get limp in plastic. Instead, wrap it in aluminum foil. Salad greens and similar vegetables can be stored in produce bags, but try to fill the bags with a little air before you tie them off. Mushrooms shouldn’t be kept in plastic. Instead, store these in a paper bag in the fridge.

When to Prepare Produce

Some people like to wash their produce well in advance and put it back in the fridge. However, this can sometimes encourage premature spoiling. Never wash berries ahead of time, as they can easily develop mold. If you like to wash and chop up vegetables in advance for lunches or easy-to-assemble dinners, store these items in covered glass containers. Line the containers with damp paper towels first to keep the produce fresh.

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