Fresh Salad Ideas for Springtime

Fresh Salad Ideas for Springtime

Spring brings a fresh bounty of fruits and vegetables. As the weather begins to warm up, indulge in a salad packed with the light, flavorful ingredients that appear in the season. These ideas will help you find inspiration to build springtime salads your whole family will love.

Mix Fruits and Vegetables

You can take any spring up a notch by adding in fruit alongside the usual veggie ingredients. Strawberries are a great choice, since they can easily be used with vinaigrette dressings—especially balsamic vinegar-based dresses—or creamier options. They also provide a good balance for salty and tangy cheeses, like feta. Nectarines are another ideal addition to spring salads. You can intensify the sweet taste of the nectarines by grilling them before adding them to the mix. Experiment with some of your favorite fruits to find a tasty combination that appeals to you.

Incorporate Peas and Radishes

Two seasonal favorites that are underused in salads year-round are peas and radishes. Both these vegetables taste their best during the spring, and they add interesting flavors to any salad. The sweetness of the peas goes well with arugula and herbs, while thinly sliced, tangy radishes can stand up to other strong salad flavors, such as creamy dressings. These two vegetables will instantly make any salad feel more like spring.

Use Beans for Protein

Fava beans are a great addition to any springtime salad. On top of adding flavor, they also add protein, so you can turn your salad into a full meal. Adding fresh lemon juice and dill or your favorite fresh herb will bring the flavors to life.

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