Everything You Need for a Perfect Picnic

Everything You Need for a Perfect Picnic

Summer is here, which means it is the perfect time for a picnic! Gather up the family for a day of fun, sun, and fantastic foods. Whether you want to escape to a nearby park or check out something in a different city, you are sure to have a day that the family will always remember. Make sure you bring these items for the perfect picnic:

Delicious Food

You can’t have a picnic without the food! Sandwiches are a classic choice when it comes to picnics. That’s because you can easily pack up and transport the ingredients, then everyone can assemble their sandwiches at the park. Stock up on breads, deli meats, fresh veggies, and condiments so everyone can choose their favorite items. Fresh fruit, chips, pretzels, and hummus can also be great for snacking.

Tasty Drinks

You will also want plenty of drinks to choose from when you’re busy eating, playing, and having the perfect picnic day. Be sure to bring plenty of water so everyone can stay hydrated. Juice, soda, and flavored water offer more options for people looking for more flavor. Adults at the picnic might also enjoy beer and wine—just make sure you always have a designated driver!


Picnics aren’t just about the food—even if the food is the star of the show. You’ll also want games, music, or other sources of entertainment to keep the party alive. Board games and card games are always fun. Consider also making a playlist of everyone’s favorite songs before you hit the road.


It is always important to wear sunscreen when you’ll be outside, especially when you’re having a picnic day. Everyone should apply sunscreen before leaving the house. Be sure to bring sunscreen with you so everyone can reapply it as needed.

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