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Summer Trend: Buddha Bowls

Buddha bowls are a vegan, one-dish bowl. They have been around since at least 2013 when a book entitled “Meatless” was published by Martha Stewart Living. The Buddha bowl highlights a combination of ingredients, including whole grains, plant proteins, and vegetables. You can make your Buddha bowl a reflection of you by picking fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients available to you. These ingredients can be found at a weekend farmer’s market or organic grocery store.

Buddha bowls are also referred to as ‘hippie bowls,’ which is probably a nod to their all-natural, vegetarian nature, Filling up a Buddha bowl with all-natural ingredients that meet your basic nutritional needs provides you with a way to eat healthier and remove some of the chemicals, hormones, and other non-natural additives from your diet that are often found in processed foods and animal protein.

Eating healthier may be chief among the reasons for why someone would be interested in eating a Buddha bowl. The bowls are easy to put together, taking a form similar to the 3 vegetables and meat meals you may have eaten as a child growing up. The basic construct of a Buddha bowl includes a grain such as rice, quinoa, or barley, plant proteins (i.e., beans, tofu, lentils), and leafy green vegetables like spinach or greens.

Eating a Buddha bowl is a great way to help you get fit for summer. The energy you get from eating a bowl compliments your activities such as working out. Buddha bowls can also assist you in staying healthy and maintaining your ideal health and fitness profile. Given that there are a variety of different plant-based proteins, vegetables, and grains that you can mix and match in your Buddha bowl, there are infinite ways that you can construct the perfect bowl, one that fits your mood or your taste at any given moment.

There are many benefits you can derive from eating this kind of meal. You can make them attractive to the eye, packed with greens, grains, and healthy goodness. Consider constructing a Buddha bowl as a replacement of for one of your animal protein meals and see if you can taste the difference this healthy diet option has in store for you.

To make your own Buddha Bowl, visit Villa's Market. This grocery store has all of the healthy ingredients that will help you make a delicious meal.

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